TELEVES OVERLIGHT1310nm 10dBm Optical TX



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AE7602 TELEVES OVERLIGHT1310nm 10dBm Optical TX
CWDM Wideband satellite and terrestrial optical transmitter. This device receives a satellite signal from a RF Wideband LNB and terrestrial band, and distributes it up to 64 users over a fiber output in the 1310nm window with 10dBm optical power.
Thanks to its optimized electronics and low losses, it allows to reduce the number of amplifiers required and simplifies deployment in the design of collective installations, preserving the signal quality throughout the process. Furthermore, it is fully indicated for use in GPON installations and adapts to different solutions.
This device is part of the Overlight system, that distributes satellite and terrestrial signals to multiple users through a single optical fiber. It allows amplification.

  • High output level that makes it ideal for collective installations of up to 64 users
  • Compatible with GPON deployments
  • Adaptable to different solutions, especially those with dCSS technology
  • Low losses
  • Optimized electronic behavior
  • 100% European design, quality, and manufacturing
    Main Features
  • SC/APC optical connector
  • F-type RF connectors
  • High-screening Zamak chassis
  • Can be wall-mounted using screws
  • Power ON/OFF DC switch to LNB
  • LED indicators displaying both signal status and DC power to LNB
  • Compatible with IRS systems