SANUS 51-80in Full Motion Mount

Brand: Sanus
Code: AE5617
Manufacturer: N/A
Man Code: VLF311-B2
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The SANUS VLF311 Super Slim full-motion mount places 37' �?? 65' TVs just 1.25' / 3.18 cm from the wall yet still allows full-motion capabilities. The VLF311 features fingertip tilt technology which allows easy TV angle adjustments with the touch of a finger. Unlike other ultra-thin mounts on the market the VLF311 also offers additional exclusive features that make it incredibly easy to use. With its cable management guide the VLF311 keeps loose cables organized creating a clean appearance without compromising TV movement. A cutting-edge gliding system makes ideal TV positioning effortless�??TV can easily extend away from the wall and shift left or right on the wall plate. The VLF311 always has a finished appearance with a decorative cover that conceals assembly and mounting hardware.

  • Super Slim full-motion mount sits just 1.25' / 3.18 cm from wall to complement the sleek look of ultra-thin TVs
  • Fingertip tilt allows easy TV angle adjustments with the touch of a finger
  • Cable management guide keeps loose cables organized for a clean appearance without compromising TV movement
  • Cutting-edge gliding system allows TV to extend out from the wall with ease and shift left or right on the wall plate for ideal placement
  • Decorative cover conceals assembly and mounting hardware for a finished appearance
  • Winner of the Plus X award 2012 for high quality and ease of use
  • Check out the Sanus YouTube Channel to see which bracket is best for your application

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