SKY Wideband LNB

Brand: Sky
Code: AE8047
Manufacturer: N/A
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The new LNBs have done away with the low band / high band 22kHz system. Instead they have just horizontal and vertical polarities and the new tuners can now receive all of the band at once. They have one fixed local oscillator set around 10.4 GHz. This converts all of one polarity down to a coax friendly 300MHz to 2.3GHz. This will introduce new challenges for the installer, particularly for communal systems. By using two coax cables that may already be installed, the STB can now “see” all of the channels at the same time. So a tuner inside the STB is free to select any channel without the need for any voltage switching or tones. This opens up the world of multiple tuners. The new Q box has twelve tuners all operating simultaneously.

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